How stage management is like saving the world!

In Uncategorized on June 1, 2012 at 12:13 pm

How is stage management like saving the world?

  1. You emerge from the darkness, attired all in black, to cries of “Thank God you’re here!!!”
  2. With great power comes great responsibility.
  3. The uncanny ability to be in several places at once.  (Holy Headsets, Stage Hand! That SM moves FAST!)
  4. Everyone’s in awe of your superskills – they want you on their side. But if you’re not the nicest saviour to be around, you might just get dubbed a supervillain. Damn those ungrateful peons!!!
  5. Brilliant enough to rule the world, but content to just keep the lights on and let others keep the glory.
  6. The toughest missions involve animals & children.
  7. Don’t ask for miracles unless you’re okay with Super Stage Manager reeeeally loving to hide out in that “lair”…er, tech booth.
  8. There can be only one.
  9. Kickass gadgets are an essential part of the process.
  10. Lest we forget the clever sidekick who dresses to match.
  11. No one would suspect this quirky technical genius goes out every night and stays out until the wee hours, bringing order to chaos in our fair city…
  12. It’s clearly not about the money.

Dedicated to Annie Jang, Stage Managing mastermind presiding over [un]BOX[ed].


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