Praise for the company:

Scarlet Satin “pushes the boundaries of what one can expect from local theatre.”  Jen Keiller, BC LIVING

“The future looks bright for Squires and Scarlet Satin.”  BC LOCAL NEWS

“Scarlet Satin is a production company after my own heart…crafting unconventional, intimate theatre experiences (including ones that have taken place in a laundromat and someone’s home). I could simply purr at the thought of it, and must congratulate Diana Squires, the mastermind behind it.”  Emme Rogers, BEING EMME

Praise for Party This Weekend:

“A unique experience which blurs the lines between acting and reality. [The] story was at times funny, at times sad, but always intriguing. I really felt like I was just a guest at a friend’s shindig…I applaud the cast and crew for being able to capture this particular atmosphere so succinctly.”  Melanie Ewan, REVIEWVANCOUVER

“Funny yet touching…a story of growth, maturity, and the art of letting go. Don’t miss this original concept play written, directed, and acted by Vancouver talent.”  Raul Pacheco, HUMMINGBIRD604

“Party This Weekend doesn’t just break the fourth wall, it kicks it over and takes the audience conga dancing into the next room.”  Andrew Fleming, VANCOUVER COURIER

“A creative invention from start to finish. I would recommend going at least twice!”  Samantha Jung, INWARD/ONWARD

2011 Review’s Best Theatrical Experience Honourable Mention: “With four intertwining story lines, a house and its yard for the set, and lots of audience interaction it was a fantastic experience!”  Lois Dawson, LOIS BACKSTAGE

Praise for The Laundromat:

“Simple, real and honest…a tight, affecting piece of writing handled sensitively by Squires and Matthews.”  Jo Ledingham, VANCOUVER COURIER

“Brilliant.”  Ron Reed, SOUL FOOD VANCOUVER

“[Diana Squires] is a force…Tamara McCarthy’s direction ensures the small space is used in a way that is both believable and theatrical and the vintage television commercials add a satisfying comic touch.”  Angela Konrad, IRRESISTIBLE THEATRE


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