Party This Weekend

created by The House Party Collective

produced in association with Scarlet Satin Productions

Praise from the press here.

The party of the summer…an interactive, site-specific theatre event created exclusively for Vancouver.  Step inside a real house party and meet Lara (helplessly Type-A hostess), Cameron (smooth, seductive manipulator), Vivian (socially clueless chatterbox), and Derek (quirky, withdrawn artist).  Follow the character of your choice through the party that will change their lives…the party everyone will be talking about for many parties to come.

Eavesdrop on juicy secrets, solve a mystery or two, help surprise the birthday girl, own the dance floor, or do a little of everything.  But you can only see one side of the story per night!  For the ultimate experience, get a 4-show pass.

Fridays & Saturdays only from July 15 – August 27, 2011

Show @ 8pm  |  Cash Only

Tickets: $15 …or get the whole story with a 4-show pass: $40

As one audience member said, “It just feels like an amazing, exciting, fast-paced hour and a half — like the greatest hits of a party that would usually stretch five hours and leave you exhausted. Instead, you leave feeling like you could have partied all night.”

Cast: Andrew Baker (Cameron), Matt Beairsto (Derek), Michael Coen Chase (Brij), Ira Cooper (Jaime), Katie Copeland (Mary), Alen Dominguez (Andrew), Jon Hollis-Franks (FISH), Laura Hope (Lara), Owen Kwong (Kanye), Andrew Lynch (Fred), Maggie Ma (Vivian), Emma Middleton (Carmindy), Maja Miljkovic (Jen)

Crew: Laura McLean (Director), Diana Squires (Producer), Geneviève Bolduc (Production Manager), Hayley Petersen (Assistant Stage Manager), Alen Dominguez (Production Assistant), Matt Reznek (Print & Web Designer, Photographer)

Writers:  Taylor Basso (Vivian storyline), Josephine Mitchell (Derek storyline), Diana Squires (Lara storyline), Arlen Kristian Tom (Cameron storyline)

Click here for party photos.

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