An intimate series of original shorts performed live, back-to-back, utterly unboxed.

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“Wonderful short stories that made me both laugh and think. I saw women before me that I knew only too well, and was invited into their lives by talented actors that moved in and out of the audience, making us feel as though we were a part of their stories – stories of our day-to-day lives…each story completely transforming the women before us, illustrating their incredible range as actors. Wow!”                  – Emme Rogers, Being Emme (read full review)

“Scarlet Satin…lives up to its reputation for pushing the boundaries of mainstream theater in their latest production. In a medley of satire and drama, these four women uncover a series of honest commentaries on life through various lenses.”                              – Melanie Ewan, Review Vancouver (read full review)


RUN TO THE MOUNTAIN                      by Mary J. Eden

In this mysterious prison, everything must be questioned…especially loyalties.

FOUR WOMEN WHO WORK by Diana Squires

When your job sucks the humanity out of you, what’s left?

BOXED                                by Kaitlin Williams

You can only ignore your neighbours for so long.

THE RULES                      by Frances Kitson

In the sacred Women’s Washroom, there are some rules you just don’t break.


July 3 – 7, 2012 @ 7:30pm (with a 2pm Saturday matinee)

The Railway Club, 579 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver


“We arrived from Washington State just in time to watch your final show. It was quite delightful and a great treat. The first playlet, Four Women Who Work, was particularly affecting. I hope you continue to extend and expand your respective insights in the near future. We look forward to experiencing more of your work. Thank you!”                              – Barb and Robert, audience members


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